About Happy Hour Sports

A sports betting website that is about more than just tying to sell you picks.

We don’t sell picks. We don’t promise the world. We are building a community that thrives on inclusion and innovation, and interesting use of data.

We are a sports betting content website that wants to strike the right balance between gut feel, and data driven decision making, and stats, and insights. And there aren’t many sports betting websites that do that.

We’re stoked to have some of the most capable writers in the space, and some of the best thought leadership in betting. We are building a real brand for people who are enthusiasts, but don’t want to constantly be sold something.

We realize that sports betting is an interesting addition to sports entertainment that can be a powerful contributor to the positive outcome of sports viewership as a hobby. But we also realize that it’s like the wild wild West out there right now. So we make you a promise:

We promise to be authentic, and as transparent as possible. We promise not to try to shill you poorly thought out picks. We promise to take the intersection of sports betting and sports as a form of entertainment seriously. We promise to build credibility by being consistent and delivering clever insights and a real-world viewpoint. We also promise to keep trying to be better every day so we can be fans, but also stewards of your time – stewards of your faith you place in us to positively contribute to your fun in watching and betting on sports.