Betting Analysis and Betting Picks Podcasts

Happy Hour Sports has some specialty sports and sports betting Podcasts that are dedicated to helping you take a deeper dive into fandom, and follow your sport, team or favorite players more effectively and efficiently. We offer world class podcasts in the following sports currently: NFL, and UFC/MMA.

Additionally, scroll down below for more information about the premium sports podcasts we showcase:

NFL Sports Betting and Public Betting trends on the NFL – Sharpen the Public Podcast

UFC Fight Breakdowns and Fighter profiling, real-world MMA and UFC trends, and commentary on the fight matchups for important UFC events – Pilsners and Prelims Podcast

Additionally, we have partnered with other high quality Sports and Sports Betting Podcasts, including The Kicks and Picks Podcast to help you with exclusive content from that team of Italian and European football league analysts. We are constantly evaluating new partnerships and homegrown podcast talent to give you a wide breadth and depth of information and entertainment to help you bet better, and to enjoy your sports and fandom more completely. Look to this page as we expand our podcast offerings – and expect in the near future (currently in development), an NHL/Hockey Podcast, and an NBA/NCAAB Podcast, as well as a story-based Soccer Podcast, focusing on the EPL, and the rest of Europe’s Top Flight Leagues.

Sharpen the Public Podcast

Sharpen the Public is an NFL-Centric Sports Betting Podcast that takes a deep dive into the public betting trends and takes on the sharp money to bring you value in determining your betting strategy for NFL sports betting. DJ and the Happy Hour Sports team produce this innovative and interesting Football betting podcast that takes a more in-depth and analytical viewpoint of real data in the betting ecosystem.


Pilsners & Prelims Podcast

Pilsners & Prelims is an MMA/UFC Betting Podcast that utilizes a full fight card breakdown format. We spend a lot of time researching so you don’t have to. Each fight gets roughly 5 minutes of airtime, where co-hosts Rick, and Andy, and their guests can talk about fight styles, matchups and real-world narratives that may affect the betting action for the Fight Card. We include lesser known fighters and Prelims, and we make heavy data and statistical analysis easy to understand in the easy-to-digest format.