Alright so we are over half way through the NHL season now and finally this site gets a hockey voice! What’s up everyone this is Mogo and I got a hockey play for you tonight. Quick intro here, I am a Philly sports scumbag that loves the sad franchise that is the Philadelphia Flyers. Some say Im a loyal fan but I think I just enjoy pain honestly. Thank god I can still watch good hockey in this league thanks to teams like the Oilers.

Speaking of the Oilers, I thought my first pick for Happy Hour Sports should involve one of the games top tier players. Connor McDavid?


It’s the Robin to his Batman, Leon Draisaitl. The often overlooked superstar of the NHL. Calling him Robin honestly is an insult to the kind of stud this man is. As of right now, Leon has 87 points.

Points: 87
Goals: 35
Assists: 52

If it weren’t for Connor McDavid, who is the heavy favorite for the Hart trophy this year with his whopping 109 points (And we got plenty of hockey left), Leon would for sure would be in the conversation for MVP.

In Draisaitl’s last 5 games, he has 8 points and has a goal in each contest. Up next for the Oilers is the lowly Columbus Blue Jackets. Sure the Blue Jackets deploy once ALMOST Philadelphia Flyer (Still mad…) Johnny Gaudreau and star in his own right Patrik Laine, but this season has been a disaster for Columbus and I doubt they will muster much of a fight against the Star powered Edmonton Oilers. Even with Columbus playing on home ice, I doubt it makes much of a difference. I expect the Oilers to put a big number up in Columbus, just like they did in Pittsburg last outing, a glorious 7-2 pumping of the Penguins. Lets look at two disparaging stats for the Blue Jackets here:

GAA (Goals Against Average): 3.67
Goal Differential: -68 (31st)

Not only is their GAA poor but is actually a tad higher ( 3.75) when they play on home ice! Not a great stat to hold when you have Leon Draisaitl and Connor McDavid coming to town

So let’s get to it already. With the way things are going for Leon Draisaitl, I don’t see the Jackets putting a stop to the tear he is on.



Game: EDM v CBJ 12:30 PM ET (2/25/23)

My Pick: Leon Draisaitl to score -117


If you are looking for a little parlay to hop on for this game I’d add Oilers ML (-235) to it. I wanted to start out with a confident play for my introduction to Happy Hour and not immediately get into the crazy stuff I can find myself in with the 4 leg hockey parlays I tend to sweat out. But I’m sure we will get there….Go Oilers!