NFL Week 4 Public Betting Report and Analysis

NFL Week 4 Public Betting Report and Analysis

NFL Week 4 Recap

Each week the public continues to surprise me in this 2023 NFL season. Welcome back to Happy Hour Sports, the only place that breaks down public betting trends for you week after week. I cannot wait to break down this week as we have some very exciting trends, including one 14-0 ATS trend and one 12-3 trend for the under, let’s get into it!

We did not see as crazy of a week as we did in Week 3, at least in my opinion. But, from the many home underdogs winning outright, to the absolute horrible performance from the Giants on Monday Night – we have got you covered in this NFL Week 4 Recap.

Each week here on Happy Hour Sports we provide context to the public betting numbers and answer questions everyone wants to know: Is fading the public profitable? Are the sharp bettors actually doing well? Which teams are good when the public or money backs them?

Welcome to Happy Hour Sports, the only place you can find real dialogue regarding how the public bets the NFL every week. My name is Deej, and I have been providing this type of information for over a year now on Happy Hour Sports and in Sharpen the Public, a top 15% followed podcast on Spotify. Check out the most recent recap episode below:

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If you are new here, we track public betting trends in order to win more bets. Every day it’s posted on twitter the public is 85% on this team, or the next team, but never has it been clear what those numbers mean, until now. Ever wondered if the public is actually good at betting the favorites, or overs? That is exactly the information we provide.

Starting last year, me and some other Happy Hour Sports creators began Sharpen the Public, the ultimate sports betting podcast focusing on leveraging public betting information to win more bets, and we have not looked back since. Remember to check out Andy’s Early Week 5 Bets to place in order to get some early CLV before Sunday as well.


NFL Betting Trends for 2023

Regarding the stats for last year, I don’t want to bore anyone with information they have already seen/read, so I will link you here to the article and podcast discussing the trends from the 2022 season. Last week we began tracking for 2023, and the week one article can be found here.

As we discussed last week, things are finally getting back to ‘normal’, or at least more like what we saw last season. However, there are a few outliers, and a few new trends I tantalized in the beginning of the article.


Overall Sharpen the Public Trends:


      • Public Betting Percentage: 34-27-3 ATS
      • Money Betting Percentage: 34-27-3 ATS
      • Sharp Differential: 32-29-3 ATS
      • Public on Over: 17-17
      • Money on Over: 13-10
      • Sharp Diff. on Over: 10-6
      • Public on Under: 18-10
      • Money on Under: 25-16
      • Sharp Diff on Under: 29-19


Week 2 Sharpen the Public Trends:


      • Public Betting Percentage: 10-5-1 ATS
      • Money Betting Percentage: 11-4-1 ATS
      • Sharp Differential: 10-5-1 ATS
      • Public on Over: 4-3
      • Money on Over: 4-3
      • Sharp Diff. on Over: 3-3
      • Public on Under: 6-2
      • Money on Under: 6-3
      • Sharp Diff on Under: 6-4
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NFL Public Betting Trend Analysis

Have you ever heard the term “fade the public?” I am sure you have, but know that if you followed that mantra you would be 10 games below .500 and down nearly 13 units on the year.

This is interesting to see I think for two reasons:

1. I started Sharpen the Public because it is incredibly necessary, in my opinion, to put context behind public betting data.

a. Constantly saying one team is the public vs sharp side is not enough as Vegas constantly moves lines and adjusts things based on the amount of bets and amount of money on certain sides.

b. So, why can’t we (bettors) also adjust our own narratives when it comes to those same parameters? If the public is bad when they are over confident, but good when they are not confident (say around 55% of the bets), blindly saying fade the public will not work – and our public betting trends are evidence of that.

2. Specifically in this year, the public is performing very well. I am used to seeing them hover around .500 with some bad and some good weeks. Yet, with even a massive influx of public bettors in the US and around the world, the public is nearly on par with the money and better than the sharp differential this year. So, in predicting future outcomes based on what we see today, where does the value lie?


One very interesting thing about this week’s trends is that every single category we track went positive. I have not seen this in the many years I have been tracking this data, and I am honestly unsure what it all means. I expect at some point there will be some major reversal, mainly for the public betting on spreads and overs.

Specifically regarding this week, we can look at the impressive days from the public, money, and sharp differential. 10-5-1 ATS for the public and money and 11-4-1 ATS for the sharp differential indicate that Vegas likely did not have a good week. Vegas doing poorly one week does not bode well for trends next week – so, I am expecting a few crazy things to go down. The wreckoning for the public is certainly incoming, and this Week 5 slate may be the perfect recipe for it.

Overall, there are a few major trends I am seeing. Through Week 4, our Golden Rule trend for spreads is a staggering 5-18 ATS. It’s insane how different it is from last year, but maybe there is some correlation regarding the public doing well and the Golden Rule doing bad. I am hopeful for a turn around, but it may be a lonely ride for a little bit.

However, we are seeing an incredible 14-0 ATS trend happen when the sharp differential is between 10-14% on a certain side. If you throw the under and over into that as well, we are staring in the face of a 23-2 trend – where else can you find this type of information?

I am impressed to see better trends than what we saw last year with the Geico trend starting 19-2 ATS, but this is crazy. Yes, its a difficult window to fall into, and you need to watch the numbers before kick – but 23-2 is not a coincidence.

Generally speaking, other high value spots are when you see the sharp differential on the over (10-6), money percentage on the under between 55-64% (7-0), money percentage greater than 75% (12-6 ATS), and public on the under between 50-55% (12-3). Everywhere you look, every year, the public betting data gives us nuggets of information that we can use to arm ourselves against the book. If that doesn’t get you to keep coming back to these articles every week, I don’t know what will.

I point it out every week, but the last thing I want to point out before getting into the game by game recap, is take a look at the public through 4 weeks. They are a staggering 34-27-3 ATS. No, it is not impressive by any means, but the point of Sharpen the Public is to show how important it is that there is more to sports gambling than just “fading the public.”

The public may not be the best bettor in the world, but they are going to hit between 45%-55% of the time. So, we need to take deeper dives into these public betting numbers because the gem trends are there. We can develop strategies based on line movement and percentages to understand where sharps are putting their money, and why. Just like that is how we found multiple trends that surpassed a 60% win rate in 2022 and are tracking even better trends in 2023 – no one but Happy Hour Sports can find you that information and give it to you for free, so stick with us. Feel free to drop a follow on our socials as well, we are only just getting started. LINKTREE

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NFL Week 4 Game by Game Betting Recap

This portion of the article is to provide you with as much transparency as I can throughout the year. I never want to lose, but it’s sports betting – it is going to happen. With all of our writers here, we want you to feel a sense of integrity with us. We lose together and we win together, but if we continue to make the right reads and use data better than the next guy, things will work out for us. So, win or lose, you can always find out my thoughts on the games in this section and why I did or didn’t bet a side.

After a nice positive 8-5 week in Week 3, we end up slightly under zero this week at -.55u. Another of my 2 unit plays went down making my record 1-2 on those for the year, but happy to have gone 6-5 in published bets. The public betting trends did allow me to pick 12 out of the 16 correct spreads this week though, so that was exciting. As always, here are my thoughts about each game and how the public betting data is/was affected by Week 4:

Week 4 Thursday Night Game:

Lions vs Packers +1.5, o/u 45.5

Winner: Lions 34-20
Covered: Lions -1.5, o43.5

Public on Lions: 49%
Money on Lions: 43%
Sharp Diff. on Lions: -6%

Public on Over: 45%
Money on Over: 21%
Sharp Diff. on Over: -23%

STP/Deej Outcome: -1.1u on Under 45.5

The Lions entered Lambeau for what felt like the first time ever as away favorites and dominated the Green Bay defense. This one started out scary for the Lions with an early pick, but Goff and Campbell’s gameplan of pushing David Montgomery hard worked very well. I ended up not taking the spread, as there was a lot of variance on the sharp data through the day. I ultimately ended up leaning the Lions due to their offense being far more potent than Love and company, but was not ready to put faith in their defense to hold the Packers on the quick turnaround.

I love a good primetime divisional under, and the sharps loved it too, I mean 24% sharp differential to the under is a great sign. However, the Lions were pushing the ball down the field very quickly in the first half, so the Packers were forced to play fast in order to catch up. In the end the Lions continued to keep the pressure coming and it was too much for them and too much for the under. I tweeted that it felt weird for this under, and my gut was right. I expect a lot of people to be high on the Lions in future games, as they are entering the top 5 in the NFC power rankings. As for the Packers, time will tell, but the health of Jones and Watson are critical to this offense.

Week 4 Sunday Game:

Falcons v Jaguars -3, o/u 42.5

Winner: Jaguars 23-7
Covered: Jaguars, u42.5

Public on Jaguars: 76%
Money on Jaguars: 87%
Sharp Diff. on Jaguars: 13%

Public on Under: 37%
Money on Under: 67%
Sharp Diff. on Under: 30%

STP/Deej Outcome: +1u on Under 42.5

In the first international game of the 2023 season, we got the Toy Story versions of the Atlanta Falcons and Jacksonville Jaguars. I liked the Jags in this one. This was a must-win game for them, in a location Jacksonville is very used to playing in. However, I elected to only go with the under because Atlanta’s offense has looked very slow with Ridder at the helm. Additionally, the Jaguars offense has not yet hit it’s stride and both teams had to cross the pond that is the Atlantic Ocean. This game played out exactly like that with a massive ground attack from both sides that kept this one low scoring.

I wish I also ended up going with the Jags as well here as on paper they are the far better team than the Falcons with Ridder. The public and money were pretty heavy on the Jags in this spot, likely off the information that favorites in London cover at an alarmingly high rate. However, thanks to the trends we don’t have to be worried about high public betting numbers, and this game helped to improve the high confidence money percentage to a 12-6 ATS record through 4 weeks. The trends also largely screamed the under with a 24% sharp differential, that covered easily. I think the Falcons will be undervalued next week, with the Jags probably being accurately valued.

Week 4 Sunday Game:

Broncos v Bears +3, o/u 46.5

Winner: Broncos 31-28
Covered: PUSH, o46.5

Public on Broncos: 68%
Money on Broncos: 49%
Sharp Diff. on Broncos: -19%

Public on Over: 51%
Money on Over: 69%
Sharp Diff. on Over: 18%

STP/Deej Outcome: +1u on Over 46.5

In the battle of two of the worst teams in the NFL, the Broncos were the ones that came out on top. I was unsure how to look at this spread. The Broncos were coming in undervalued thanks to letting up 70 points to the Miami Dolphins, yet the Bears have absolutely nothing going positively for them. Both of these have horrible defenses, so everyone expected points. The sharp differential in favor of the Bears was clearly warranted as there were ample chances for them to put this game away. However, they are awful and let the Broncos and Russel Wilson back into the game.

From a public betting standpoint, I think the Bears were the right play as the home dog, but it does not always work out as expected. The sharp differential on the over is also good to see, since that was a major reason for why I ended up taking the over. We are seeing a 10-6 trend to the over when the sharp differential is on the over, and it is especially rare to see such a high sharp differential towards the over. When you see it, might as well take it. However, be careful as last year anything over 30% sharp differential on the over went 7-11. Both of these teams suck, and we get to see the Bears in primetime this Thursday. Yay.

Week 4 Sunday Game:

Ravens v Browns -1.5, o/u 38.5

Winner: Ravens 28-3
Covered: Ravens +1.5, u38.5

Public on Ravens: 59%
Money on Ravens: 67%
Sharp Diff. on Ravens: 8%

Public on Under: 67%
Money on Under: 94%
Sharp Diff. on Under: 27%

STP/Deej Outcome: +1u on Under 38.5

It feels like every Sunday we get one version or another of an AFC North divisional matchup and boy do I like the unders in these games. Typically, these games are always close, but without Watson and Chubb, this Browns offense was starting from behind. I loved the Ravens as well in this spot due to the massive hype on the Browns defense. Yes, they are good, but Harbaugh and Jackson are known to be very good at covering in this spot. I ended up staying only on the under because of the smaller sharp differential on the Ravens, and the Browns being home.

The public and money screamed the under, and with Watson out and this strong defense from the Ravens (and Browns), Vegas could not put a total low enough where I would not have taken this. It may be scary to some to see the betting data so crazy towards the under, but we have seen it time and time again with Sharpen the Public, that there is no reason to be worried here. Again, it’s the AFC North – just always take the dog and the under. Moving forward, I think this Browns team may be undervalued with the Ravens being accurately valued in Week 5.

Week 4 Sunday Game:

Bengals v Titans +2.5, o/u 41.5

Winner: Titans 27-3
Covered: Titans +2.5, u41.5

Public on Titans : 37%
Money on Titans : 51%
Sharp Diff. on Titans : 14%

Public on Under: 59%
Money on Under: 71%
Sharp Diff. on Under: 12%

STP/Deej Outcome: +1u on Titans +2.5

I adored the Titans in this spot. We all know how good Vrabel is as a dog, but he is even better it seems as a home dog. There was a lot of hype coming into this game on the Bengals after they managed to beat the Rams in primetime, but there are so many injuries on Cincy that it seems like they should just scrap this season already. All the value in this game was on the Titans, and it was a clear pros vs joes game with 63% of the public on the Bengals. In my opinion, just a great spot to back a home dog against a team that was overvalued due to Joe Burrow and general Bengals hype.

As for the total, I would have leaned the under. The Bengals do not match up well against this Titans defensive line due to their horrible offensive line. The Titans secondary is not great, but it does not have to do much when Burrow can’t move and has no time to find a receiver. The Titans also love to keep the ball on the ground with Derrick Henry and Tyjae Spears, so the 12% sharp differential towards the under was the right side. Additionally, we are seeing a 9-1 trend develop for sharp differentials between 10-14% towards the under. I think the Titans will be overvalued now in Week 5, with the Bengals also likely being undervalued – but can they prove it to us?

Week 4 Sunday Game:

Dolphins vs Bills -2.5, o/u 52.5

Winner: Bills 48-20
Covered: Bills -2.5, o52.5

Public on Bills: 57%
Money on Bills: 80%
Sharp Diff. on Bills: 23%

Public on Over:82%
Money on Over: 54%
Sharp Diff. on Over: -28%

STP/Deej Outcome: +1u on Bills -2.5 AND -1.1u on Under 52.5

In everyone’s game of the week, it was either Bills -2.5 or no bet for this game. The Dolphins had so much hype on them coming into this game after putting up historic numbers against the Broncos. They were overvalued here because the Bill’s defense is levels above their defense. Evidenced by their inability to stop Josh Allen on offense. I mean last year the Bills were 7 point favorites in this spot -so there was just too much value on the Bills. I figured there would be some bit of Dolphins defense at play that at least kept this game closer, but the Bills blew this one way out of the water. A golden rule trend to both the Bills and the under had me like either side, but I am much more happy to have read the Bills right.

This Dolphins team is very good, but if they cannot stop the high-powered offenses of the AFC like the Bills and Chiefs, they will not go as far as a lot of people think they can. Josh Allen and the Bills had a statement AFC East win here at home and will likely not even be overvalued heading into week 5 as they are the clear best team in the conference. I loved the under as I felt the contrarian side was the way to go in this AFC East matchup expecting better defense from the Dolphins, but I am happy to walk away from this game at 1-1.

Week 4 Sunday Game:

Commanders v Eagles +8.5, o/u 43.5

Winner: Eagles OT 34-31
Covered: Commanders +8.5, o43.5

Public on Commanders : 23%
Money on Commanders : 56%
Sharp Diff. on Commanders : 33%

Public on Over: 66%
Money on Over: 31%
Sharp Diff. on Over: -35%

STP/Deej Outcome: -2.2u on Under 43.5

Boy am I glad the Eagles came out of this one with a win. I talked about it a lot on the podcast this past week, but there is something about this Commanders team that is a bit of the Eagles kryptonite. Their defensive line looked very strong, and they were able to completely neutralize our defensive line and turn Sam Howell into Tom Brady. I leaned Commanders but did not want to bet against my Eagles, so stayed away from the spread. As for the total, in this divisional matchup, I expected a much better performance from the Eagles defense and me, the money, and the sharps were let down in this one.

Public on the over and money on the under worked very well for us last year, and even last week with Commanders and Bills under. But, the Eagles defense underperformed with all of the injuries to their secondary and an inability to get to the quarterback. This forced the Eagles to score quicker on offense and thrust this game above the total. Had the Eagles played to their caliber, I think this is a rout, but Riverboat Ron and the boys came to play. In the end, I jumped the gun pushing for 2 units here, but based on the numbers I really did like the under.

Week 4 Sunday Game:

Bucs v Saints -4, o/u 41

Winner: Buccaneers 26-9
Covered: Buccaneers +4, u41

Public on Buccaneers : 73%
Money on Buccaneers : 82%
Sharp Diff. on Buccaneers: 9%

Public on Under: 54%
Money on Under: 78%
Sharp Diff. on Under: 24%

STP/Deej Outcome: No bet, leaned Bucs and under

In yet another divisional matchup, to no surprise did I lean the under. There was also a lot of value in this Bucs team coming off a loss in an important divisional game where everyone was questioning the health of Derek Carr. Both of these defenses are legit in their own right, and with the lack of production recently from the Saints offense, the under felt like the right play. However, the firepower of Mike Evans and Chris Olave kept me away from locking in the under. The public betting trends favored both of my leans here, but I did not love either of the plays, so wrongly elected to stay away. The Bucs and Jags had very similar public betting trends this week with high public and money, while being the sharp side, so maybe that is something to monitor for the future.

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Week 4 Sunday Game:

Vikings v Panthers +4.5, o/u 46.5

Winner: Vikings 21-13
Covered: Vikings -4.5, u46

Public on Vikings : 65%
Money on Vikings : 77%
Sharp Diff. on Vikings : 12%

Public on Under: 28%
Money on Under: 45%
Sharp Diff. on Under: 17%

STP/Deej Outcome: No bet, leaned Vikings

In my head, and likely a lot of other people’s, there was no way the Vikings were going to start 0-4 this season. The Panthers decision to start Bryce Young again, also made it very clear the Vikings would manage to cover as well. This Panthers team does not look good, and it is looking like a major mistake in them not taking either Richardson or CJ Stroud with the first overall pick, at least to this point. Despite having to travel to Carolina, the value was in this Vikings offense to get it done and put a win in the win column. Kirk definitely scared a lot of the Viking’s faithful by throwing a pick six in their first drive, but they managed to get the win and the cover.

Looking back at the public betting trends, I don’t know why I didn’t take the under. I talk about it all the time, how we can’t blindly fade the public. However, the one main spot we like to do so at Sharpen the Public is when the public is heavy on the over, and the sharps are pointing to the other sides. Moving forward, I think the Panthers are going to be undervalued (despite being one of the worst teams in the league), and the Vikings will be accurately rated.

Week 4 Sunday Game:

Rams vs. Colts +1.5, o/u 44.5

Winner: Rams 29-23
Covered: Rams +4.5, o44.5

Public on Rams : 80%
Money on Rams : 75%
Sharp Diff. on Rams : -5%

Public on Over: 58%
Money on Over: 62%
Sharp Diff. on Over: 4%

STP/Deej Outcome: No bet, leaned the under

This game I don’t think I had a good read on this at all. I liked the under but stayed off because of the slight sharp differential to the over. In the end, as we have seen this year, the slight sharp differential towards the over got it right again and moved to 5-2 as a trend. I think the Rams came into this one undervalued with the difference in quarterback levels between the two teams. Especially off the loss to the Bengals where the public backed them as a dog, and the Colts win as a massive dog, this was a good spot to back Matt Stafford despite being away from home. Next, this Rams team plays the Eagles but are getting Kupp back and maybe hitting their stride, we should see.

Week 4 Sunday Game:

Steelers vs Texans +3, o/u 41.5

Winner: Texans 30-6
Covered: Texans +3, u41.5

Public on Texans : 29%
Money on Texans : 43%
Sharp Diff. on Texans : 14%

Public on Under: 53%
Money on Under: 54%
Sharp Diff. on Under: 1%

STP/Deej Outcome: Leaned Texans +3, No bet

In a game with two teams that I love to bet on, I elected to stay away from everything. The data pointed towards the Rams, but with this banged up offensive line for the Texans I could not get behind backing them against this Steelers defensive line. In reality, CJ Stroud looks like the next big thing in the NFL as he magically escaped the grasp of TJ Watt a few times to put a dart on one of his receivers. I did not see the Texans scoring 30 against the Steelers this year, but there is no surprise this one went under the total with the way Matt Canada set up the Steelers’ offense. The public betting data was kind of iffy on all sides here, so was a clean pass for me.

Week 4 Sunday Game:

Raiders vs Chargers +6.5, o/u 49

Winner: Chargers 24-17
Covered: Chargers -6.5, u49

Public on Chargers: 75%
Money on Chargers: 49%
Sharp Diff. on Chargers: -26%

Public on Under: 51%
Money on Under: 37%
Sharp Diff. on Over: -14%

STP/Deej Outcome: -1.1u on Raiders +6.5

In the most annoying outcome of the week, the Raiders failed to cover against the Chargers in this AFC West matchup. I deem this the most annoying outcome because 1) Josh McDaniels is an idiot. Why are you not running the ball 4 times with Josh Jacobs from the 1 yard line to score a touchdown, down 7 with 2 minutes left. He throws the ball with his rookie quarterback to then get picked off to lose the game. And 2) because according to the Action Network’s luck rankings, the Raiders should have won this game 27-17. I think the Raiders +6.5 was the right play in this one, with the wrong outcome.

Both of these teams are horribly managed, but Justin Herbert is my MVP managing to keep the Chargers in the game despite nearly everyone on the coaching staff and defense trying to lose games, actively. I liked the Raiders a lot because of this. They were undervalued in this divisional matchup with a rookie quarterback against one of the worst defenses in football. They could have won, but absolutely should have covered. An L is an L, though.

Week 4 Sunday Game:

Cardinals vs. Niners +–14, o/u 44.5

Winner: Niners 35-16
Covered: Niners -14, o44.5

Public on Niners: 64%
Money on Niners: 75%
Sharp Diff. on Niners: 11%

Public on Over: 69%
Money on Over: 85%
Sharp Diff. on Over: 16%

STP/Deej Outcome: No bet, leaned Cards and Over

This one was a tough one for me. I have loved to bet on the Cards so far this season, but the Niners team is the best in the league right now. This divisional matchup made me want to take the dog, but the trends were pointing toward the Niners, so I am glad I stayed away. The Cardinals had a few opportunities at the end of this one to back door cover, so I would have been just as upset on this one as I am on the Raiders. This game is another one that falls into that medium to high public with sharps and money backing where that team covered. Also, another large sharp differential towards the over managing to cover. All of these games are giving us some of those awesome trends we look for every year.

Week 4 Sunday Game:

Patriots v Cowboys -6.5, o/u 5.5

Winner: Cowboys 38-3
Covered: Cowboys -6.5, u43.5

Public on Cowboys : 67%
Money on Cowboys : 51%
Sharp Diff. on Cowboys : -16%

Public on Under: 55%
Money on Under: 80%
Sharp Diff. on Under: 23%

STP/Deej Outcome: +1u on Cowboys in Teaser at -0.5

I did not see the value in the Patriots at all in this spot, so I am curious as to why there was such a large sharp differential in their favor on this game. We can chalk it up to the Belichick effect, but the Cowboys off a massive underdog upset were not going to come back to Jerry world and lose to Mac Jones, despite the injuries on their defense. That is why I loved the Cowboys in a teaser here. Like I always say, don’t blindly fade the public – there is a method to the madness I promise. RIP to all the over bettors in this one with that missed field goal too.

Week 4 Sunday Night Game:

Chiefs v Jets +8.5, o/u 42.5

Winner: Chiefs 23-20
Covered: Jets +8.5, o42.5

Public on Jets : 27%
Money on Jets : 38%
Sharp Diff. on Jets : 16%

Public on Over: 44%
Money on Under: 17%
Sharp Diff. on Under: -27%

STP/Deej Outcome: +1u on Second Half of Teaser – Chiefs -2.5

In the Taylor Swift game of the week, the Jets and Zach Wilson nearly mounted a David vs Goliath upset with the entire world watching. I would like to sit and formerly apologize to Zach Wilson, I hope he can continue to play like he did on Sunday Night because if so, the AFC East is going to get even better. However, that being said, I did lean the Jets in this game. I took the Chiefs in a teaser because I could not trust them with a full larger than 7 spread, knowing Mahomes is not great in spots like that. And, it ended up mattering as Mahomes correctly downed the ball at the 2 to win the football game. I have Chiefs at number 2 in my AFC power rankings behind the Bills.

Week 4 Monday Night Game:

Seahawks v Giants +2.5, o/u 45.5

Winner: Seahawks 24-3
Covered: Seahawks -2.5, u45.5

Public on Seahawks : 63%
Money on Seahawks : 41%
Sharp Diff. on Seahawks : 22%

Public on Under: 34%
Money on Under: 30%
Sharp Diff. on Under: -4%

STP/Deej Outcome: -1.1u on Giants +2.5

This game made me sick. I cannot believe I put money on the Giants and Daniel Jones in primetime. That is all.

Thanks for reading my recap on Week 4! Stay tuned for the preview coming at the end of the week, I am excited to dive into last year’s trends and get back on track in Week 5.

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