Rusty’s College Football Conference Championship Betting Preview

Rusty’s College Football Conference Championship Betting Preview

College Football Conference Championship Betting Preview – Who is Rusty Backing as the College Football Season Hits the Home Stretch?


If you’ve been following along the last month I have been on an absolute tear with college football. During MACtion I went 23-6 and finished up 21.5 units. Yep, that’s right. If you were betting 10 million dollar units you would be up 215 million dollars.

This week I’m breaking down all of the conference championship games. I’m predicting this week to be absolutely wild for college football given all the playoff implications.

Enter obligatory warning here: *This is not real betting advice. Don’t take anything I say seriously. Yes, I will be taking these picks but if you want smart picks check out the other guys. This is all satirical and to add a bit of entertainment to the Happy Hour Team.  Follow me on Twitter @RustyHHSports*

New Mexico State University vs Liberty Betting Preview

I hate to say this but this is actually one of the conference championship games I’m most excited for. This season I had the pleasure of covering these two teams during my mid-week articles. These two teams already met on September 9th and Liberty won 33-17. Both of these teams have played great this year and have been absolute scoring machines. This game should be a shootout. My biggest concern is this game is in Lynchburg VA. If you are somehow unaware that Liberty is the lamest school in the country (arguably worse than BYU) please note that these kids aren’t allowed to do anything on campus. Let alone drink and create any type of home-field advantage. Give me the over and NMSU with the points (take down to +7)


The picks: NMSU +10.5 (1u); O54.5 (1u)

Oregon vs Washington – The Final Game of the Pac-12 Era


The mighty #6 ranked Oregon Ducks head to Allegiant Stadium to face the #4 ranked Washington Huskies in the last meaningful PAC 12 championship. These two teams have been electric to watch this year. These teams met in October where Washington handed Oregon their only loss of the year. Since then Oregon has been on a tear, absolutely creampieing the rest of the PAC 12, meanwhile Washington has had more close games then they would like including almost losing to WSU last week in a very tight matchup. I’m going to preface this statement with the fact that I have Washington Futures to make the playoffs and win the natty….. Hedging is for NERDS. 


The picks: Washington +9.5 (take down to +7) (1u); O66.5 (1u)

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Miami of Ohio vs Toledo – Best Bets for MAC Conference Championship


These two powerhouse MACtion teams meet up in Detroit to determine who the best team in college football is. Toledo is looking to repeat and be the first team to do so in over 8 years. Miami of Ohio has come out of nowhere after Vegas set their win line at 6.5 and finished out the season @ 10-2. These teams met in October where Toledo won 21-17. This is a classic great offense vs great defense Matchup. Toledo puts up tons of points on everyone and Miami of Ohio has held some of college football’s best teams to only a few points. With all that being said at the end of the day Toledo is simply the much better team. Source: Trust me bro.


The pick: Toledo -7 (1u) (take to -10) and will also likely take the team total once that line is posted.


Oklahoma State @ Texas – Big 12 Conference Championship Betting Preview


Besides an absolute flop of a game against UCF, OK State has been on an absolute tear to end the year. Meanwhile, the playoff hopefuls Texas have barely beat TCU and barely beat KSU. I will say I’m extremely biased as a WVU grad. I hate Texas. I hate everything about them. There would be nothing more enjoyable than soft-ass Texas losing to OK State in the Big 12 championship as their final Big 12 game and missing the playoffs. 


The pick: OK State +15 (2u); Sprinkle ML 


Boise State @ UNLV 


Boise State has way cooler jerseys. Easy pick.


The pick: Boise State ML (1U)

Georgia vs Alabama – SEC Championship Betting Preview and More


The game that College Football fans across America are most excited about. At one point this year all of us stupidly counted Nick Saban out. Especially after losing to BUM ASS Texas. Since then they have been Dominant until they should have lost to Auburn this week (PS I’m still salty they overturned that pick-six I had Bama TTO30.5). Georgia has had some games that had no business being close and they still haven’t played any real competition this year. Everyone is all over Georgia this week and I truly don’t get it. I know BAMA didn’t look great last week but it was the Iron Bowl. Anything can happen. I trust in the GOAT Nick Saban to get the job done and sneak into the playoffs yet again.


The pick: BAMA +6 (2u); BAMA ML (1u)


SMU vs Tulane


I’m going to be very honest I don’t know much about these teams but I will say I have bet SMU team total overs a lot and have been very very successful. As a thank you to them I will be taking them to win this game and of course, hammering the team total over. 


The picks: SMU +5.5 (1u); SMU TTO 20.5 (4u); SMU TTO 25.5 (1u)


Appalachian State vs Troy


Nothing I hate more then frauds. The biggest frauds in the world are the APP state “mountaineers.” There’s only one Mountaineer and he resides here in Morgantown WV.


The pick: Troy -6.5 (1u)


Louisville vs Florida State – ACC Championship Best Bet and Preview


The ACC championship is here! FSU losing their QB1 two weeks ago clearly took a toll on the team as they looked rough against Florida last week. Louisville was majorly upset after losing at home to Kentucky. Nonetheless, this should be a great game. Everyone can agree FSU needs a win here to make the playoffs and even that’s questionable, which is shitty but that’s a story for another article. I personally like FSU to figure out it and come away with a win.


The pick: FSU ML (1u)

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Michigan vs Iowa – Big 10 Championship Betting Picks


Last but not least we have the Big 10 Championship and Harbaugh’s return. Don’t overthink this. This will be a shit-kicking like you have never before seen. 


The picks: Michigan -23 (1u); Michigan TTO 27.5 (4u); Michigan TTO34.5 (1u)


That’s all folks! See you in bowl season!


The Picks

  • NMSU +10.5 (1u); O54.5 (1u)
  • Washington +9.5 (take down to +7) (1u); O66.5 (1u)
  • Toledo -7 (1u) (take to -10) and will also likely take the team total once that line is posted.
  • OK state +15 (2u); Sprinkle ML 
  • Boise State ML (1U)
  • BAMA +6 (2u); BAMA ML (1u)
  • SMU +5.5 (1u); SMU TTO 20.5 (4u); SMU TTO 25.5 (1u)
  • Troy -6.5 (1u)
  • FSU ML (1u)
  •  Michigan -23 (1u); Michigan TTO 27.5 (4u); Michigan TTO34.5 (1u)

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