Rusty’s Week 8 NFL Betting Picks

Rusty’s Week 8 NFL Betting Picks

Week 8 NFL Betting Picks by Rusty

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We are back and better than ever. In case you missed it, ol Rusty went 10-0 and up 12.5 units on Tuesday/Wednesday NCAA football. If you get a million dollars you would be up 12.5 million dollars right now. Crazy right? I’m hotter than ever so make sure you’re tailing!

As usual I will make plays on every game but my official picks are the 1 unit or higher plays.

Enter obligatory warning here:

*This is not real betting advice. Don’t take anything I say seriously. Yes I will be taking these picks but if you want smart picks check out the other guys. This is all satirical and to add a bit of entertainment to the Happy Hour Team. There’s a good reason I’ve had to reset my Action Network picks every few months.*


Tampa Bay @ Bills

The Bills have easily taken years off my life. They just can not organize their offense and I’m tired of getting hurt by them. Also NFL Primetime games have BLOWN this year all being snooze under fests. This game has 12-9 written all over it.

The picks: Bucs +8.5 (1u); U43.5 (1u)


Rams @ Cowboys

I’m team #CowboysActuallySuck and I think the Rams are veryyy… OK. I think this is a classic people just look at the records and make bets while forgetting the Cowboys have looked bad, especially as of late. Meanwhile the Rams have had very close games to some very solid teams.

The pick: Rams +6 (1.5u); sprinkle Rams ML (0.25)

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Vikings @ Packers

Slop-fest play of the week. This game is gonna grossss. I think everyone is going to severely overreact to the Vikings beating the 49ers (cause I would normally do that) so I’m going to back the neglected Packers.

The pick: Packers +1 (1u)

Falcons @ Titans

For some reason I’m still in love with the Titans until they trade King Henry. I also don’t understand how the Falcons are 4-3. Fraud alert. This just feels like a late October old school run the damn ball game for the Titans. Love King Henry props in this game as well. Time for the Titans to make their statement that they’re not done yet. #IBelieve

The pick: Titans +3 (1u)

Pats @ Dolphins

Ooooo I love the Dolphins they make me horny. That Eagles game was a fluke. Still the most exciting offense in football (yeah I know Tyreek might be out for the year maybe but fuck it). The Pats still are terrible, it’s just the Bills are worse.

The picks: Dolphins TT O27.5 (1u)

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Houston @ Carolina

This is my “somebody please make this make sense bet of the week.” How on earth are they only 3 point favorites? The Texans are such a well coached team and Carolina, well, they can barely beat HS state championship teams. Somebody explain this to me like I’m five? HAMMER THE TEXANS ML

The pick: Texans ML (3u)

Jets @ Giants

The battle of New York!! What an awful football game we get the pleasure to watch. Regardless of the Giants starter at Qb , my bet does not change. Maybe I’m delusional but I genuinely think the Jets can still be a playoff team. The Giants on the other hand… should start tanking for Mr. Caleb Williams.

The pick: Jets -3 (1u)

Jags @ Steelers

I guess I’m finally ready to believe in the Jags after I’ve been wrong about them about 6 weeks in a row. Pains me to say this but fine yeah they look legit. Steelers are on an emotional 2 game winning streak and what a perfect spot for a let down.

The pick: Jags ML (1.5u)

Saints @ Colts

Minshew Mania is back. Is there more that needs to be said?

The pick: Colts ML (0.5u)

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Eagles @ Commanders

The Eagles barely beat the Commanders in the first meeting between these teams earlier this year. Over the past handful of weeks the Eagles looked great against the Dolphins but lost to the Jets and barely beat the Rams. I’m still thinking the Eagles could be frauds.

The pick: Commanders +7 (if it drops to 6.5 buy the half point to 7 to be safe) (0.5u)


Browns @ Seahawks


Am I crazy for liking the Browns here and thinking they should be favorites? I chalk last week up as a fluke. They still have a top defense and it’s not like Geno is Tom Brady. The browns QB situation is less than ideal sure but I feel like we will see the brownies sneak out a close win. I love the Jerome Ford Kareem Hunt attack.

The pick: Browns +4 (1u) ; O38 (1u) because fuck it why not.


Chiefs @ Broncos

Feels like the Chiefs are back, no? Patty Mahomes is about to swing that big hog all over the crumbling Broncos. This should be a molly whopping in Denver especially with the altitude. Hoping we finally see Russ benched.

The picks: Chiefs -7 (1u); Chiefs TT O27.5 (2u)



Ravens @ Cardinals

Jesus can someone check on Dan Campbell and the lions and see if they’re ok??? That was hard to watch last weekend. The Ravens looked absolutely incredible. On the other side of the field the Cardinals are kinda becoming what we all thought they were going to be from the beginning. I don’t think 8.5 is anywhere near high enough of a spread here.

The pick: Ravens -8.5 (2u)


Bengals @ 49ers

Oh man this is a fun one!! Tons of question marks on the 49ers as their team is fairly banged up. The Bengals have been on one hell of a run lately. This should be an electric game. I like the 49ers ML but you’re obviously losing lots of value at -175 but I’ll be taking it. I also think this matchup is going to be points points points.

The pick: 49ers ML (1u); O43.5 (1u)


Bears @ Chargers

The Bears are all the way back. It’s Tyson time! My Bears Super Bowl futures look better than ever. God I can’t wait for this game. On national television nonetheless. That Raiders blowout will be the start of the Super Bowl montage.

The pick: Bears +8.5 (1u) ; Bears ML (0.5u)


Raiders @ Lions

Oooof the Lions got their salad tossed last weekend. Same with the Raiders. This is a get right game for the Lions. I think we’re about to see a 50 burger.

The pick: Lions TT O27.5 (2u)

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Official Plays by Rusty for Week 8 NFL Sports Betting Action

Bucs +8.5 (1u)
Bucs/ Bills U43.5 (1u)
Rams +6 (1.5u)
Packers +1 (1u)
Titans +3 (1u)
Dolphins TT O27.5 (1u)
Texans ML (3u)
Jets -3 (1u)
Jags ML (1.5u)
Browns +4 (1u)
Browns Hawks O38 (1u)
Chiefs -7 (1u)
Chiefs TT O27.5 (2u)
Ravens -8.5 (2u)
49ers ML (1u)
49ers/ Bengals (1u)
Bears +8.5 (1u)
Lions TT O27.5 (2u)

Primetime Parlay of the week (Week 8 NFL Betting):

Bears ALT line +10.5/ Lions ML

NFL Week 8 (23-24′) Sunday Day Game Parlay

Texans ML/ Ravens ML/ Chiefs ML

Get rich quick parlay picks for week 8 Football:

Rams +7/ Titans +7/ Jets ML/ Jags ML/ 49ers ML/

Tease me daddy 6 point two team teaser teams of the week: 

Rams/ Packers/ Chiefs/ Dolphins/ Colts/ Ravens

Favorite pairing being Rams/ Chiefs

Thanks for tuning in and check out my Twitter @RustyHHsports

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