Tailgates and Turnovers College Football Podcast – Episode 69 – Guest Liam Blutman

Tailgates and Turnovers College Football Podcast – Episode 69 – Guest Liam Blutman

Episode 69 of the Tailgates and Turnovers College Football Podcast with special guest Liam Blutman

Liam Blutman is the figurehead behind NoContextCFB and TransferPotalCFB

Bennett from Tailgates and Turnovers welcomes Liam Blutman and does a debrief on the first trimester of the College Football 23-24′ campaign. A lot of really good insights about what has happened so far, and opinions on how programs are performing (outperforming or underperforming), so far this season.

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It’s rare to have access to guests that can talk intelligently about such a breadth and depth of programs on the college football landscape. Bennett interviews and talks through the most important (and even a lot of under the radar) happenings in NCAAF with Liam.

They even talk about Colorado – as if there hasn’t been enough media coverage on coach prime so far.

If you like getting a comprehensive look at a lot of college football teams, this is a highly detailed podcast episode with some top thought leadership in the College football social space.

See who is a pretender and who is a legitimate contender. Where are the rankings getting it wrong? A true post-mortem about the first third of the college football season.

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